PMAT – Project Management Adherence Tool

PMAT is a customized tool created by O2SL & QRT National that measures quality improvement and process evaluation for community collaborative responses to address social health needs.  This tool provides the framework for understanding the maturity of a Pre-Arrest Diversion, Deflection, or like program while providing the foundation to support the creation of new initiatives. 

PMAT is utilized to support teams’ understanding of where they compare to other teams operating in the field.  PMAT is in a pilot phase to be used as a scientific instrument in the future, which is grounded in a Liechart Scale rating that defines (5) five levels of maturity.  This tool allows our team of professionals to work with sites, teams, communities on the growth and improvement of their maturity.

The PMAT tool encompasses a simple five-step process, which includes.

  • completion of our hyperlinked web-based survey of (6) six domains
  • detailed survey analysis of PMAT respondents conducted by LLE’s experienced in the field
  • preparation of a draft summary report including scoring by domains
  • virtual consultation with PMAT respondents reviewing submission prior to final scoring and validated report.
  • final report including individual domain scoring and an overall evaluation score.

PMAT is deployed during a pre-PMAT phase and then in subsequent annual and/or bi-annual deployments and evaluations to support the improved maturity of the programs.