Community & Recovery

Communities and their grassroots coalitions are essential stakeholders in coordinating effective community responses for substance use and mental health disorders. Grass-roots movements have been pivotal in addressing stigma and changes to the system of care.

Our program recognizes the inclusion of community partners, which includes a wide and diverse group. Community partners that have been at the forefront of addressing the substance use epidemic are the grassroots community substance use coalitions that exist in nearly every community across the country. The individuals leading these coalitions are a critical component in the establishment of your collaborative program.

The community may also include appointed and/or elected officials, mayors, town councils, a board of selectmen, elected state and/or federal legislators or officials.

Perhaps the most important community partner to have and whose voice must be heard at your table is the Recovery Community. The Recovery Community has for years been providing peer-mentoring, helping others find treatment and long-term recovery. Establishing these partnerships and relationships with your diverse group of community leaders and organizations is critical to the success of our program