Our Mission

O2SL and QRT National, a collaboration of public safety, public health, and community leaders, helps to create and support collaborative, community-shared responses for municipalities, counties and states in assisting vulnerable populations impacted directly and indirectly by substance use, mental health disorders, and behavioral health issues.

Collaborative community integration is central to O2SL and QRT National with crucial stakeholder leadership from public safety, public health, and community executives.

Stakeholder outreach and engagement, integrating the recovery community,
school districts, hospitals, healthcare providers, local Substance Use Disorder (SUD), and community coalitions.

Our program was designed to meet the opioid, stimulant and poly-substance
use federal grant funding requirements and opportunities

Strengthening the relationships between public safety, public health, and communities.

Each stakeholder plays a significant and specialized role in addressing the substance use crisis and behavioral health issues.