Pathway Deflection Academy

(customized, up to 30 hours) Introductory training that includes the concept and practices for Pre-Arrest Diversion, Deflection “Pathways”.  Training includes all pathways, Intake or self-referral, officer intervention, officer prevention, naloxone plus (Quick Response Team), proactive engagement, and outreach. Each of the “pathways” will be introduced to sites with the purpose to integrate all the pathways (or those determined for implementation by the sites).  Site responses will focus on persons who have experienced overdoses along with providing education and understanding as to how to engage “at-risk” and vulnerable persons, suffering from the disease of addiction.  Other areas encompassed in training included addressing the needs of those suffering from mental health disorders, drug endangered children, impacts of trauma and trauma-informed responses, family support initiatives, situational awareness, as well as bringing public safety, public health, and community partners together to address their community needs.

Training can be delivered in-person, virtually, and/or through a hybrid format.  Our team is experienced in the delivery of hybrid and/or virtual training courses and events. This academy is planned for 16 up to 30-hours of instruction, to present the desired engagement platforms, featuring promising and best practices from our expertise in the field. 

Our O2SL and QRT National team record each session and provide access to our training video library.

Continuous Education

O2SL and QRT National will provide continuing education training events as needed or required.  We typically provide bi-annual continuous education training to sites/clients. The training event topics are identified through analysis of the PMAT, discussions at regular intervals or meetings, as well as through technical assistance requests from the sites. 

Our team utilizes the expertise of O2SL and QRT National partners and subject matter experts from various Pre-Arrest Diversion, Deflection service backgrounds. O2SL and QRT National will coordinate the continuous education events, in partnership with other site leadership and field representatives. The training events are hosted virtually and/or can be in person.

Training Courses

Public Safety and Public Health Courses

Trauma Informed Responses For Public Safety-Community Collaborations, 1-day, 6-8 hours designed to provide a greater understanding and awareness of the impacts of trauma on individuals who interact with public safety and community health coalitions working in shared responses.

Police Integrating with Public and Behavioral Health to Improve Community Outcomes 1-day, 6-8 hours, designed for public safety, first responders engaging with vulnerable behavioral health populations through collaborative public health responses.


Establishing a Community Behavioral Health Outreach Program

2-day, IADLEST certified, 16 hours,
 designed for law enforcement executives (Police, Fire Chiefs, Public Health Executives, Government, Community and Recovery Community Leaders) creating collaborative models through a shared, community response to address OUD, SUD, Mental Health Issues, & related social health issues.

Community Behavioral Health, QRT Teams Course

2-day, IADLEST certified, 16-hours, designed for police officers, public safety personnel, and their civilian team partners who are responsible for engaging in SUD, MHD Outreach, QRT Teams.