Data – Workflow Platform

Web-based software tool designed around law enforcement led “Front End” data collection. Facilitates community integrative responses offering direct program linkages to justice involved OUD, SUD, and MHD.

Integrates with Cordata Healthcare’s Deflection “Back End” HIPAA compliant platform.

Workflow Platform and Performance Management

O2SL and QRT National have created a web-based software platform designed around public safety-led “front end” data collection. Our platform facilitates community integrative responses offering direct program linkages to first-responder engaged Opioid Use Disorder, Substance Use Disorder, & Mental Health Disorder individuals.  The platform measures outcomes, tracks the efficacy of the program, provides built-in, real-time notifications and information sharing between team members and stakeholder agencies.  Our platform integrates with our partner, Cordata Healthcare’s coordinated care management system. 

Our performance management teams facilitate regular quarterly “data review” meetings to discuss each of the six COSSAP sites, including the purpose of the process as learned from real-time data. The scheduling of these meetings will be coordinated between Cordata Deflection and O2SL and QRT National designees with the WV COSSAP Project manager and Evaluator.