Situation Table

The HUB model was developed in Canada by Global Network for Community Safety Canada Inc. (and its affiliates).  The Hub brings together law enforcement and educators, designed to introduce that “Team Approach” to delivering Behavioral health Treatment to those who live with both Substance Use and Mental Health disorders, as well as those who live with Mental health Disorder and other “Risk Factors” that also contribute to mental health issues.  Individual concerns such as basic needs, alcoholism, anti-social negative behavior, food insecurity, homelessness, poverty, self-harm, suicide, social environment, threat to public safety, criminal victimization, and unemployment are only some of the social determinants that those who live with mental health disorders also face.

The goal of the HUB is to use the collaborative effort between law enforcement, regional medical facilities, treatment providers, and other local resources to identify those individuals and families at “acutely elevated risk” and create a strategic intervention to connect the individual or family with appropriate services before the 911 call. 

O2SL and QRT National, in partnership with Global Network, are the exclusive U.S. Hub Situation Table training team of Certified Authorized Mentors