February 1, 2021


Operation 2 Save Lives, (O2SL), a program of Community Services Solutions (CSS), a Division of Homeland Security Solutions, Inc. (HSSI) announces the uniting of national leaders in the emerging field of pre-arrest diversion and deflection.  CSS and O2SL were created through the partnership of HSSI, a Virginia-based company with two decades of security and law enforcement training and services experience, and two Southeastern Massachusetts Chiefs of Police; Scott Allen (Retired) and Michael Botieri.  These two chiefs gained national recognition, at a critical time, within each of their respective Massachusetts communities.  Because of their vision and commitment to serving others, lives were saved through a transformed mindset of law enforcement that created a community system to connect at-risk persons, their family members, and loved ones to substance use treatment, recovery, and support services.

QRT National was founded in 2018, by Daniel Meloy, Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety (Retired). Chief Meloy is a proven leader, from Southwest Ohio, who witnessed the opioid epidemic from multiple roles – as a Chief, then as a leader of both police and fire organizations, and finally, serving his community as the Administrator/CEO.  He is the creator of the quick response team collaborative model that partnered with law enforcement, fire/EMS, social workers, and/or peer recovery professionals.  This collaborative public safety model has been replicated in other communities across Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, and North Carolina.

Collectively, the Chiefs have learned the importance of engaging persons and families suffering from substance use disorder and/or opiate use disorder, serving with compassion, empathy, and humanity.  They have seen what can be accomplished when public safety and public health collaborate towards a common goal, saving lives.

Through the consolidation of Operation 2 Save Lives (O2SL) and QRT National, Chief’s Allen, Botieri and Meloy are now partners!  Chief Allen serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) while Chief Meloy will serve O2SL/QRT National, as its Director of Operations, managing the program of services available to positively impact law enforcement, fire/EMS, social workers/peer recovery professionals, public health, and mental health advocates.  Operation 2 Save Lives (O2SL)/QRT National is the benchmark program of services under CSS.

Police Treatment and Community Collaborative (PTACC) Executive Director, Jac Charlier, shared his thoughts on this exciting partnership:

The merger of the O2SL and QRT National is a huge milestone and represents still another exciting first for our field of deflection and pre-arrest diversion. Their partnership speaks to the tremendous and ongoing demand in our country to use deflection to reframe the relationship between police, treatment, and community.  Most importantly, this now brings together three of our field’s early innovators, Chiefs Dan Meloy, Scott Allen, and Mike Botieri.  That will mean that communities wanting to do deflection or do it better are going to get three times the leadership, three times the expertise, and ten times the impact by working with them!”

O2SL and QRT National have combined nearly 100 years of community engagement and public safety experience.  O2SL with QRT National provides:

  • Pre-assessments, and a timely team “self-assessment” process to assist with team/community progress.
  • Executive and outreach team level training.
  • Outreach team creation, implementation, and mentoring.
  • Staffing support.
  • A data platform created by the “frontlines” to support deflection and pre-arrest diversion initiatives.

All listed services are provided by experienced public safety, social work, peer recovery, public health, and community organization professionals.

If there are any questions, please contact, O2SL/QRT National COO Scott Allen at and/or (508) 208-224 or O2SL/QRT National Director of Operations, Daniel Meloy at and/or (513) 266-4268.


Operation 2 Save Lives with QRT National

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