National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children

National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children (NADEC) efforts began over twenty years ago. We are a 501c3, exempt, nonprofit organization. What began around the upsurge of methamphetamine use, engaging law enforcement to recognize children effected, has evolved significantly and now includes multidisciplinary teams working as collaborative state, tribal or local alliances to recognize and address all legal or illegal substance misuse effecting children and families. The goal is still the same; changing the trajectory of children’s lives, breaking the generational cycle of substance use and neglect, healthy families and communities. Collectively our staff have over 100 years of professional expertise related to DEC and corollary effects on children and families. Click here to learn more.

Our Mission:

The National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children teaches early identification, response and appropriate intervention services for children and families affected by parental or caregiver substance misuse. We equip comprehensive, multidisciplinary alliances, communities, organizations and individuals with access to our national resource center, trainings and technical assistance.

Our Vision:

Our vision is 100% healthy, safe children, families and communities free from the negative impact of substance misuse and drug activity.

National DEC Drug Endangered Children Definition:

The National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children defines drug endangered children as children who are at risk of suffering physical, mental or emotional harm as a result of parent or caregiver legal or illegal substance misuse. They may also be children whose caretaker’s legal or illegal substance use interferes with the caretaker’s ability to parent and provide a safe and nurturing environment.

Our Approach:

We develop, train and support multidisciplinary alliances, state, tribal and local. These DEC alliances are comprised of professional, community members and organizations. They utilize our proven DEC Approach which includes the following:

·       Early recognition, intervention and service to children and families are key to children having the opportunities a better future and to break the cycle of generations substance misuse.

·       We encourage a common vision, collaboration, proactive approaches and responsive, appropriate change.

·       A multidisciplinary approach has proven to be an effective, sustainable approach.

Our Services:

·       training & online learning (including CEU’s), technical assistance and programs

·       CheckDEC mobile application, free on the app stores or use QR code

·       data collection and impact information

·       resources to a wide variety participating professions

·       program assistance, project partnership and collaboration; stakeholder and referral partnerships

·       podcast, panel, workshop and keynote presentations

·       grant writing and fund development support to communities across the nation